Monday, July 2

Eva Notty In Hot Cock Big Tits

Here is a nice video, its me and a big hard cock. If you like POV you will like this. The video footage is a bit dark but it was a pretty hot BJ. Sit back, take your big cock out of your pants and imagine it's me there sucking you off and playing with your dick with my big round boobs. I love a hard cock in between my tits.

Sunday, July 1

Eva Notty In One On One Magic

Hi all, Eva Notty hey all you naughty little fuckers! Today we are going to do a little bit of one on one… Me telling you WTF to do! And you doing what I say! Who knows you might even get something out of it, something for your nerves. Go ahead stroke your cock, while I touch myself. First I'll play with my panties then my tits! Then I'll actually let you have a look at my sweet pussy.

Monday, June 25

Eva Notty Big Tit MILF Fucked Hard

Eva Notty, big tit MILF fucked hard and long by Manuel Ferrara. Eva welcomes her new neighbor in, and all he needed was some sugar, but this big busty blond is just too sexy and he is immediately excited. She is wearing a black barley there halter top and a tight white skirt, they can’t get their clothes off fast enough before Manuel is fucking her, he really gives Eva Notty what she was craving and that is a undeniable solid fucking.

Wednesday, March 28

Eva Notty Big-tit Rubdown

Eva Notty goes for a massage. She takes off her bra and panties, puts on a towel and gets on the massage table. The masseur pours baby oil over her big tits and begins rubbing each tit. Eva asks that he massage one breast with both hands. His hands circle under each boob, and he goes to town. This is where the masseur's involvement ends, sadly for him. When the massage ends, Eva's got a lady boner from all that rubbing. Although she had been in Naughty Neighbors magazine years earlier, Eva hadn't thought about posing for SCORE. "I posed for Naughty Neighbors that one time, but that was it," she said. "I never put it out of my thoughts, but I never really thought about pursuing it".

Tuesday, January 16

Eva Notty First FuXXX

When Eva Notty hit SCORE for the first time, reaction was swift and Jeff's email to SCORECard's letter forum is a good example of the mail that came in. "I can't get enough of Eva Notty! She is absolutely stunning! Does she have any more video or photo shoots coming out? She's the main reason I check the site each day, just to see if she has anything new! Keep her on deck! She's a knockout!" So all of you should find reason to rejoice because here's Eva's first full-sex scene! After you see the video and check out the photos, you'll agree. This babe loves to fuck and she's got enthusiasm, sensuality and passion! She's not a sex machine, she's a sex goddess!

Tuesday, November 14

Eva & Sarah's Notty Adventure

"I get to fucky-fucky with my friend," says Eva Notty, sitting on the bed next to her BBF (Big-Boobed Friend) Sarah Satori. Yes, Eva brought you a new SCORE Girl as a more than thoughtful gift. Sarah has big tits too and she's hot as Eva too. Birds of a feather, you know. "Hopefully I get to sucky-sucky too," Sarah adds. "Not hopefully," corrects Eva.

Sunday, August 13

Eva Notty In Panty Play

Do you like my panties? They are such a nice soft material. Watch as I pull them right up my ass crack, these panties feel so so good. How does my sexy round ass look? Now I'm going to face you and gently go up and down with these panties against my body. Now watch as I turn around again and slide these panties down my legs exposing my ass!